Utö, Outer archipelago, Finland

2019 - unbuilt

The work is based in study on subjects including retreat, nature as a source of wellbeing, retreat architecture through the lens of multisensory sensation, together with nature experience.

The ever-accelerating pace of the world causes stress and results in an urge to take breaks from everyday life. Retreat is a place, where one can resile to the nature and hide from the everyday. Nature offers a place to retreat from the hustle of the city and it gives an opportunity to recover from the stressful city life. It has been discovered that nature, as well as high-quality built environment, has the ability to promote health.

The retreat complex consists of three parts. These include the Journey, by which the Retreat shed is located, and which ends at the Sleeping hut. Journey connects the retreat architecture to one entity. The Retreat house is reserved for re ection and The Overnight cabin is reserved for sleeping and recreational action.