H            NGISTO- HYBRID



Competition purchase

Oulu, Finland

2015- unbuilt

The idea behind the hybrid building  is to facilitate a mix of activities in  the building in order to minimize the time being underused. During  daytime the building serves as an office, co-working space, seminar space, and a lunch restaurant whereas during the evening as a multipurpose sports hall and as a  local bistro.  Apartments on the upper levels keep the complex occupied over evenings, nights and weekends. The roof garden topped with a traditional finnish sauna is serving the inhabitants 24/7.


The building is using a computer aided natural ventilation backed up by heat recovery ventilation system.​ Buildings sloped shape towards south is to maximize the sunlight into the atrium core space, which will distribute the daylight evenly around the offices. The atrium walls are gushing with fauna which reduces the CO2 from the air and makes the interior atmoshpehere fantastic.

The wooden modular system aims for universal scalability and therefore offers one possible solution battling the emissions of building industry's mass production.