Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki

2017 - Built

Design Team: Aki Markkanen, Anniina Taka-Eilola, Heidi Leipälä, Jonna Koivuranta, Piia Kaasalainen & Samu Leppänen

Lead Architect: Matti Lakkala

Curator: Matti Sanaksenaho

Oulu school of Architecture / OAMK


The pavlllion was designed to host open events, such as Restaurant day , Cleaning day and culture events held by citizens, in uniquelely beautiful surroundings. The atrium space acted as a venue for the lectures of Museum of Finnish Architecture throughout the summer 2017. To maximize the life span of a temporary building the pavillion had to be designed transportable. Timber frame was a natural choice for it's built-in feature of transportability. Hirsitetris demonstrates the capability of timber structure as a part of present-day inclusive urban miljeu, bringing the material to this millenium.  After the summer 2017 the pavillion was transferred to Oulu where it continues to serve as an open-air gallery space at the University .


Hirsitetris is a result of a design and build workshop in collaboration with Oulu School of Architecture and Oulu University of Applied Sciences.  The final structure was designed by Matti Lakkala.